Thursday, July 8, 2010

Solar Panels

After much delay trying to get financing, fighting with the bank (and losing) over refinancing our mortage, waiting for the equipment, and last minute permitting, today we are having our solar panels installed. Contractors started yesterday putting the racks on the roof and then today got here early, about 6:30 am as I was returning from taking Sam to morning swim practice, to beat the heat. Once they are in we will still have to wait days (hopefully not weeks) to get everything inspected and to flip the switch, but I have been waiting since April just to get the panels on.

In the end we opted for 10-235 watt panels which according to our solar area should supply around 2400 kwH/year (about 40% of our annual use). Thanks to Uncle Sam and a bunch of other incentives our final cost will be right around $2000. Now lets just get them turned on to take advantage of these long sunny summer days.

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