Friday, May 27, 2011

Goblin Valley is Weird

When I lived in Utah, my sister would often come and visit. We would make excursions to Southern or Eastern Utah, and she would always remark how weird some of the landscapes are. To me the epitome of weird Utah landscapes is Goblin Valley State Park, just North of Hanksville. My first trip to Goblin Valley was on Halloween, where a number of friends gathered to play hide and seek amongst the "goblins" that evening.

Goblin Valley was also my first introduction to the term "hoodoo" which remains one of my favorite geologic terms. To me, the sound of the word "hoodoo" perfectly describes the eerie shapes of Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley Panoramic Collage

This past spring break I came back to the hoodoos of Goblin Valley and got some pictures of Sam as she explored them.

Sam and Goblins

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