Saturday, August 28, 2010


I went to Switzerland to visit my Uncle and his family. While I was there we saw castles, mountains, and the Rhein Falls. Here are some pictures from my trip.

After we hiked up a mountain to have lunch, Grandpa and I rode down the mountain on these scooters!

This is a cow that I encounter on one of the mountains. So I got close enough that I was able to pet it, but before I got to pet it, the cow licked my hand and its tounge felt really weird!

This is a picture of a mountain with a lake in front of it. My Dad says that there is some cool geology of folding rock layers that can be seen

When we were hiking up a mountain to go down in a cable car we saw this sign which in Swiss German says "Kids must be on Leash" because it is steep. I though it was a good laugh.
This is the Matterhorn behind me. It was really cloudy that day so the most we saw was 2/3 of it.



Cindy said...

Looks like an amazing trip!

Ron Schott said...

Just found your blog via @lockwooddewitt. Subscribed!

Tá na laethanta saoire thart-Cruáil an tsaoil said...

schön....alles gut
und nice pictures too

Tá na laethanta saoire thart-Cruáil an tsaoil said...

no small scale phenomena?

Silver Fox said...

Love the sign! And great pic of the Matterhorn.

(Came over from Lockwood's place.)